Portable Data Terminals

Metrologic Optimus S

Metrologic's OptimusS is a compact batch Portable Data Terminal, ideal for retail and light warehouse Data collection applications, including Inventory and Stock.

With its small, compact stylish design, the OptimusS allows you to put it into your pocket and take it wherever data collection needs take you.

The OptimusS combines powerful features with easy-to-use software to get the user up and running in no time. It enables users to quickly scan and store their product information. After the data collection is complete, simply slot the unit into its cradle and send the data back to the host to keep information up-to-date and accurate.


  • LCD Display with backlight and adjustable font.
  • Cradle communicates RS232 and USB
  • Fully charged battery lasts approximately 100 hours
  • 2MB of RAM to store programmes and data

Metrologic Optimus S







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Portable Data Terminal


We have 3 of these available for hire, and if needed we have an Experienced Technician available to help you set up your Stocktake if required.
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